Anaheim, CA, Chiropractic Therapy Plans for Automobile Accident Concussion / Whiplash Trauma Launched

Dr. Barry Marks (+ 1-714-938-0575) has expanded local access to its specialized chiropractic treatment plans for car accidents and is now focused on patients in Anaheim, California.

The Orange-based chiropractor provides extended services to patients suffering from permanent injuries as a result of car accidents. Those who have been involved in accidents may find that their symptoms can be delayed for up to months after the incident. As such, they need assessments and treatments from certified specialists.

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With its latest addition, Dr. Barry Marks ensures that patients across the Anaheim community have access to the right chiropractic treatments they need. Whiplash and concussions are common after traffic accidents and require individual care plans.

As an expert in the special field of car accident injuries, Dr. Marks that much of the harm suffered by patients is usually hidden. As a result, many symptoms are easily overlooked or misdiagnosed by general practitioners who are unfamiliar with auto accidents. Dr. Marks offers his services to ensure Anaheim patients receive adequate guidance.

With comprehensive advice and accurate diagnoses for patients, Dr. Barry Marks also help with their insurance claims. He advises that insurance companies consider injuries less severe due to misjudgment by non-specialist medical professionals. The patients receive less compensation than they deserve.

Anaheim patients are therefore supported by Dr. Marks’ extensive industry experience specializing in the medical and legal consequences of automobile accidents.

His treatments begin with thorough examinations aimed at detecting specific injuries in all affected areas of the body. According to Dr. Marks, every injury case is unique. He is able to identify the needs of the patient and to create an optimal treatment plan.

“I was injured in a car accident and I didn’t know who to turn to,” explains a satisfied ex-patient. “A friend of mine gave me Dr. Barry Marks – an expert in whiplash trauma – recommended. Dr. Not only has Marks helped me ease the pain I’ve had since the accident, but he also went out of his way to help me out by explaining how to handle my case. I am so grateful for his help. “

Those in Anaheim and across Orange County are invited to visit to learn more about Dr. Barry Marks and his specialized whiplash and concussion treatments.

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Address: 1745 W. Orangewood Ave # 114, Orange, CA 92868, USA
Phone: + 1-714-938-0575

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