Chiropractic affords stretch idea | Corporations

A new practice has opened at Sapphire Studios on S. Century Avenue, offering a chiropractic approach to assisting stretching and recovery to identify and correct tension and imbalances in the body.

Dr. Cheryl Koelling has opened the Spinal Solutions Restorative and Stretch Lab and offers individual assisted therapeutic stretching.

She said it was a little different from a normal chiropractic visit, adding that she hasn’t yet been able to find another practice in the Madison area that offers the same treatment.

The treatment works well on tense, tender muscles and bound tissues that cause chronic pain.

“Most of the people who came to me had been in pain for a while,” said Koelling. “People who deal with it and can’t find a good solution can see me.”

Many have neck, shoulder and back pain, which in some cases was made worse by the pandemic as people worked from home.

“The ergonomic settings in people’s homes are just terrible,” said Kölling. Stress has also taken its toll.

Spinal Solutions offers assisted stretching therapy, restorative chiropractic care, myofascial relaxation and active rehabilitation. Koelling described it as “a bit like a lazy man’s yoga: you benefit from it, but you don’t have to do all the work.

Before moving to Waunakee, Koelling practiced in Jacksonville, Florida for five years but moved to Waunakee to be closer to family.

“We really fell in love with the Waunakee area,” she said.

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