Chiropractic workplace renovates previous constructing | Native

The new location was officially opened on April 26th. The company used to be in a small white house on Second Street and Silver Street.

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The couple met as students and attended chiropractic school together in Life West, California.

The new chiropractic office is an open floor plan that enables “camaraderie during the chiro”. There are also private exam rooms in the back for x-rays and exams.

“We all do health and learn together,” said Marin. “People become really good friends here.”

In addition to their regular chiropractic business, the couple added The Nectar Nutrition.

“It’s all IV therapy,” said Marin. “We have chelation that helps people get rid of heavy metals through IV. We have IV nutrients, high-dose vitamin C, hydration and cosmetic bags.”

“Everything we think is important is important to our health. We believe that we should offer it to “our family”.

Marin said the “drip rod” was a fairly new revolution in healthcare. The ingredients are all water-soluble vitamins that bypass the stomach and directly target health problems, according to Marin. Nursing staff is available to take medical histories and connect infusions.

“The blood is a way to the flesh,” said Marin. “Examining your blood reveals important information about the health of your entire body. This procedure differs from a “normal” blood test because it is a living sample. You can literally see your living blood cells moving as well as parasitic activity, yeast, bacterial growth or other abnormalities right on the screen in our microscope room. You just can’t see these things with traditional methods. “

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