Dwelling Effectively With Troy Thompson: Chiropractor Practices – 41NBC Information

(41 NBC / WMGT) – This issue of Living Well with Troy Thompson introduces Dr. Craig Taylor, an expert who talks about the pros and cons of chiropractic work.

There is a lot of misunderstanding among chiropractors as the loud “cracks” at work often scare people even though nothing breaks in the areas that are being adjusted. Craig describes some less invasive ways to adjust the body, such as using a machine called an activator, a drop table, or a stretching table.

Dr. Craig says he’s seen frequent sports injuries that can range from the knee, elbow, tennis elbow, golfer’s arm, wrist, hand, to most extremities. Another common practice for chiropractors is to see patients with headaches and TMJ.

Craig also mentions that most chiropractors accept insurance.

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