Emotionally and bodily tense? FEBC says chiropractic therapy may help with this

SAN RAMON, California., Oct 5, 2018 / PRNewswire / – When things go wrong in life and emotions run high, it often seems like physical issues arise too, making the situation worse. Additional back, head and joint pain will flare up and then people will have to worry about how to go away. The Financial Education Benefits Center (FEBC), a member benefits company, offers select discounts on alternative medications, such as:

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“Different treatments work better for different people and sometimes they have to look to less conventional treatments to get the kind of help they need,” said Jennifer Martinez, Manager at FEBC.

The connection between physical and emotional well-being is largely accepted, but not necessarily how deep the connection is. If someone is particularly upset, they are likely to tense up. Muscles that have been tensed for too long become sore and knotted. If muscles are tense for too long, they store toxins in tense tissues that cannot be broken down until they are released. Chiropractic treatment opens the muscles, especially in the spine, and releases these toxins. This is why chiropractors insist that clients drink plenty of water after a session to flush the system that has been closed for so long. The more studies that are done, the better the understanding of the benefits of chiropractic adjustments, which could help more people suffering from stress-related problems. The Neuro Emotional Technique, a mind-body approach to stress relief, is likely to resolve many problems faced by chronically stressed individuals when undergoing chiropractic treatment.

FEBC believes in helping its members work toward financial and physical wellbeing, so it strives to offer relevant discounts to help them achieve this goal. Chiropractic treatment can help members achieve an overall higher quality of life, especially considering how much difficulty people have due to stress-related issues. “A healthier mind and body are related to a higher quality of life. The ability to better afford the things that contribute to personal well-being leads to better financial well-being. For this reason we offer a variety of everyday and health-related discounts are offered to our members as best we can, “Martinez said.

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The center of excellence for financial education is located in San Ramon, California. The member company has helped thousands save money and get the education necessary to lead a financially healthy life.

The Financial Education Benefits Center has partnered with several well-known third-party companies to expand the financial and educational products and services available to its members, as well as to offer a variety of wellness services.

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