Houston drivers ought to put together for a serious US 290 closure

Houston commuters traveling north-west long survived the construction of the US 290. Now the Texas Department of Transportation has announced the final major phase of the 290 project as the crews complete the new SH 6 / FM 1960 bridge.

To complete the work, the following areas will be closed from Friday, September 6th, 9:00 p.m.

  • SH 6 north between Hempstead Road and US 290

  • Hempstead east to SH 6 north

  • SH 6 northbound to Hempstead westbound

  • Exit US 290 east on Eldridge Parkway / West Road

  • US 290 Frontstrasse in an easterly direction at the entrance of SH 6

As part of the project, the current SH 6 bridge over Hempstead and the railroad tracks will be demolished on September 20 and 21.

Additional closings this weekend include:

  • Complete closure of the SH 6 to the north between Jackrabbit Road and US 290. For the direct connection of the SH 6 to the north, drivers will be diverted to the US 290 to the east.

  • SH 6 in a southerly direction between US 290 and Hempstead has one lane open during the day and is completely closed overnight.

  • SH 6 motorists heading south will be diverted directly to Hempstead, left on Huffmeister Road to SH 6.

TxDOT assumes that the construction of the SH 6 / FM 1960 bridge will be completed by the end of 2020. The work will be completed in one phase as opposed to multiple phases which would take more time.

When the new SH 6 / FM 1960 bridge opens, SH 6 / FM 1960 through traffic will no longer pass through the signposted intersections at Hempstead, US 290, and Wortham Boulevard. Motorists will continue to have access to businesses along SH 6 / FM 1960 via the front roads.

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