Houston faculties and companies have closed as a result of 610 East flooding

Houston schools and businesses are closing due to a massive aqueduct break on the 610 East Loop. Neighborhoods like Midtown, Montrose, the Museum District, The Heights, Memorial Park / Rice Military Area, and Timbergrove are experiencing water shortages.

The city will be under the sign of boiling water until at least the rest of the day, Friday, February 28.

Also, the Houston Independent School District locations are closed on Friday.

The main water break was reported around noon near Fidelity and North Carolina. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted that water was flowing to the East Loop and the Ship Channel Bridge.

Houston TranStar is asking drivers to avoid I-610 between the I-45 Gulf Freeway and the SH-225. In addition, all major roads on the East Loop in Clinton are closed in both directions.

In addition to flooding, Houston Public Works has received reports of low water pressure in much of the city and urges the community to conserve water in the area. Many companies have a water outage that has forced some of them to close. Mayor Sylvester Turner has recommended that restaurants without water be closed.

All buildings in downtown Harris County are closed until further notice. The polling stations at HCC – Southeast, Texas Southern University, and the Young Library have closed.

Here is a list of businesses and school closings in the Houston area:

  • HISD schools

  • University of Houston

  • Texas Southern University

  • Port Houston’s Executive Office in the Turning Basin

  • The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is conducting emergency response.

  • Sunset Heights Clinic

  • Monroe Clinic

A number of restaurants in Montrose, River Oaks, Downtown, EaDo, Rice Village, Midtown, and the Museum District are closed for the evening due to the low water pressure. The following list is not exhaustive. Diners are asked to call any restaurant in these neighborhoods before visiting tonight.

  • Georgia James and The Hay Merchant

  • Rosie Cannonball

  • Politan Row

  • Ramen Tatsu-ya

  • Weights + dimensions

  • Lucille’s

  • Good Dog Houston (Montrose location only, Heights remains open)

  • Brasserie 19

  • Relish Restaurant & Bar

  • Indianola, Vinny’s and Miss Carousel

  • Nancy’s hustle and bustle

  • Dak & Bop (only location in the museum district)

  • Travel table

  • UB Preserv

  • Eunice

  • Night heron

Houston Public Works issued the following statement on the matter:

“The City of Houston is responding to a major water pipeline break in east Houston, near 610 and Clinton Drive. Houston Water is asking drivers to avoid the area. Houston Public Works has received reports of low water pressure in much of the city Houston Public Works urges the community to conserve water in the area (turn off sprinklers, avoid outdoor watering or wash cars, etc.).

Valve contractors are nearby to isolate the break and make repairs immediately. Once the valves are closed, pressure should be restored. Houston Public Works will continue to update the community as repairs are made.

A Houston city contractor was on site conducting exploration work for a Houston city water pipeline project. When the floor was removed from the pipe, the 96-inch water pipe burst. “

— —.

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