Houston Texans crew analyst John Harris investigates who remains to be on the board after the primary evening of the NFL draft in 2021.

The Texans came into the second day of draft with one selection on Friday and seven on Saturday, and ended the night with two selections on Friday and five remaining on Saturday. GM Nick Caserio sent his first card as a Texas leader, drafted Stanford quarterback Davis Mills, and when Friday night came to a close Nick traded 20 places for Nico Collins, the recipient in Michigan.

So since it sits on late Friday evening (early Saturday morning), the Texans have the following tips on the third day.

The Harris 100 was picked pretty well, but there is still enough value to be found in the Harris 100 that goes into Saturday. Well, there are a good handful of these players who I felt wouldn’t hear their names on day one or day two, but I think they can be starters and / or contributors in the NFL.

Harris 100 # 37 tight end Brevin Jordan, Miami, FL – Jordan didn’t test exceptionally well, and that could have had an impact on his fall on day three.

Harris 100 # 54 Defenseman Daviyon Nixon, Iowa

Harris 100 # 62 Defensive Tackle Jay Tufele, USC

Harris 100 # 66 Defensive Tackle Tommy Togiai, State of Ohio

Harris 100 # 70 Defensive Tackle Bobby Brown, Texas A & M.

Harris 100 # 77 Defender Jaylen Twyman, Pitt

Harris 100 # 78 Defensive Tackle Tyler Shelvin, LSU

In general, that might be the line of defense comment in this drafting class – that this isn’t a group that has impressed NFL folks. However, I thought, and I still think, that the names I mentioned above have value.

Harris 100 # 57 Linebacker Jabril Cox, LSU (North Dakota State) – Still shaking my head that Cox didn’t leave the board. This one amazed me; However, an injury kept him from his original Pro Day in late March. When he finally trained a week ago, he tested very well. Someone gets a damn good player on the third day.

Harris 100 # 61 Guard Trey Smith, Tennessee, # 83 Linebacker Dylan Moses, Alabama – Quite simply, these two doctors have not been kind throughout their careers with the SEC.

Harris 100 # 67 Security Jamar Johnson, Indiana – There were really no security measures in place for the first two days (Holland, Moehrig, Grant, and Cisco). Only one of them was passed on the first day. So it’s not entirely surprising that Johnson and all of the other safeguards are still in place.

Harris 100 # 73 Wide Receiver Tylan Wallace, Oklahoma State – Wallace’s speed and explosiveness have always been in question, but Wallace, who remains on the board, makes me think of Stefon Diggs, who was drafted on Round Four a few years ago. Diggs was a highly productive college recipient but didn’t hear his name until day three. He’s still one of the best in the league.

Harris 100 # 74 Gun X / Run Back Kenneth Gainwell, Memphis

Harris 100 # 94 Rhamondre Stevenson, Oklahoma

The design proved what many thought about the return position – the value is there on the third day and these two are part of that value (only four have heard their names up to this point)

Harris 100 # 75 Security / Linebacker Linebacker, USC

Hufanga is likely a linebacker in a security’s body and that wasn’t attractive to teams for the first two days. It’s a good choice on the third day.

Harris 100 # 76 Guard Deonte Brown, Alabama

He got to Pro Day in much better shape than he did at the Senior Bowl, but the teams apparently still have questions about him, his consistency, and his overall growth as an NFL prospect. It’s hard to work with when selected (ask Carolina Panther’s defensive star Derrick Brown after banning the horns in 2019).

Harris 100 # 89 Wide Receiver Cade Johnson, State of South Dakota

Put Johnson in the slot and forget about the upgrade in that position for a while. He will make a team very happy on day three.

Harris 100 # 90 Cornerback Marco Wilson, Florida

Harris 100 # 93 Broad Receiver Seth Williams, Auburn

These two are physical freaks, but have made some inconsistent notes throughout their careers that likely resulted in their names not being revealed for the first two nights of the draft.

Okay that will because I’m ready to pass out. See you later in the afternoon everyone 🙂

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