Houston’s greatest eating and drink choices at Cinco de Mayo

With no shortage of restaurants to party on May 5th, there are plenty of options to decide where to celebrate the anniversary of the Mexican Army’s triumph over the French at the 1852 Battle of Puebla.

Do you need help making a decision? Here are some of our favorite places that have fun celebrations.

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Margaritas in El Big Bad.

El Big Bad

With over 30 varieties of infused tequilas, El Big Bad is the perfect place for mezcal lovers looking to be merry on May 5th. Face painters, DJ sets, drink samples and specials are also presented. But while the drinks may be frozen, El Big Bad wants you to know the atmosphere isn’t cold.

“Do you want a quiet night in a Mexican restaurant on the Cinco de Mayo?” The restaurant wrote about Eventbrite. “We won’t be this place.”

If “not a party like a parking lot party” is your mantra, make your way to Teo, who is hosting a flamboyant Cinco de Mayo extravaganza on their property with all-day specials including $ 5 shots, margaritas, and palomas. (Tip: consume the above drinks in that order and never the other way around to avoid a hangover from hell.)

A live DJ will play tunes from 3pm and 4pm. Andalusian horses will pull up their heels at a dressage performance.

“The year of dangerous life” at the traveler’s table.

Jenn Duncan

While this “globally inspired restaurant” prides itself on offering its diners an eclectic menu of dishes inspired by various international influences, Traveller’s Table Mexico naturally shows a little more with a range of $ 8 worth of cocktails south of the border Love. If you’ve made it by 2020, toast your survival and Cinco de Mayo with The Year of Dangerous Life, a peppery, zesty collaboration of mezcal, lime, jalapeno, grapefruit and prickly pear juices. Or pay homage to the republic and your Inamorata with the sweet, tropical “Happy Wife, Happy Life” made from tequila, triple sec, tepache and pineapple.

Brisket nachos at Candente.

Brisket nachos at Candente.


Visitors to the open-air Cinco de Mayo festival in Montrose can indulge in street tacos in addition to Candente’s regular selection of Tex-Mex plates (we recommend the Frito Burrito with red chilli sauce). When the sun goes down, the lights on the terrace go on and guests are accompanied by a mariachi band.


The “X Marks The Spot” is a creation by Eighteen36 that lands on the sweeter side.

Courtesy Like Minds Talk

Cinco de Mayo is reminiscent of a battle in 1862, but that doesn’t mean you can’t raise a glass at Bar Eighteen36. The hip joint offers quesadilla and margarita combinations valued at $ 10, and its personable mixologists will also whip up a range of tequila-based cocktails. We recommend the “Dram-a for your mom”, a lively drink made from Avion Reposado Tequila, allspice dram, sweet vermouth from Carpano Antica, agave syrup and chocolate bitters.

Chuy's offers all-day discounts on drinks at Cinco de Mayo.

Chuy’s offers all-day discounts on drinks at Cinco de Mayo.

Chuy’s / Chuy’s

On the Cinco de Mayo there is a happy hour every hour at Chuy’s, where customers get discounts on house margaritas, local beers, Tecate and the world famous Texas Tinis all day long. Those who go big and order a Grande ‘Rita will go home with their own commemorative mug, and those with enviable tolerances can round off the already strong libations with $ 1 worth of tequila floaters.

Chuy’s will also serve a limited edition dark and delicious frozen blackberry margarita.

Rustic Houston has free live music on May 5th.

Rustic Houston has free live music on May 5th.

Courtesy photo

Ring in the fifth by making your way to the bar in downtown Houston. The Rustic will keep it real with free live music, frozen margins and its famous “Joe Leo” tacos made from brisket, carnitas or chicken tinga of your choice on its greasy bacon tortillas.

Sylvia's enchilada cuisine is famous for the extensive enchilada menu created by chef Sylvia Casares.

Sylvia’s enchilada cuisine is famous for the extensive enchilada menu created by chef Sylvia Casares.

Sylvias Enchilada Kitchen / Sylvias Enchilada Kitchen

At the Cinco de Mayo itself, Sylvia’s has margarita and enchilada options, but the restaurant kicks off its Cinco de Mayo celebrations the day before. On May 4th at 6:30 pm, Sylvia’s is hosting a six-course dinner ($ 75) of bonnete wines tied to another famous battle: D-Day on June 6th, 1944. Call Sylvia’s for reservations Woodway at.

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