Houston’s newest warmth wave: The Tipping Level

Photo provided by David Rodriguez

The only thing hotter than Houston’s humidity is The Tipping Point – a downtown destination for kicks, coffee, and creative culture.

There is nothing like a timeless pair of trainers. Whether you wear them for comfort, fashion, or sports, the sneaker industry has grown into a booming business and hub for collectors around the world. This week we sat down with David Rodriguez, co-owner of The Tipping Point, to discuss style, design and his new sneaker lifestyle store.

Let’s start with the story of your business and its design. How did it start

The store started on the 1100 block of Main Street. Then we moved the tipping point to the city center. It (the current business) was originally an art gallery. We turned it into a place for rare clothing, limited edition sneakers, books and music. We’re the first downtown software store in 50 years.

We are by no means the usual sneaker spot. It’s not just about Jordan or Adidas, you know? We may have the same product, but our presentation is different.

We take the time to maximize the SKUs and placement of all items in the store. We are the curators of the culture that was popularized back then.

There is a lot of distinct lighting in the store. What does it symbolize?

We wanted the store to be curated to get people’s attention and build something that would draw people in. The main piece in the middle of the shop is a symbol of my journey.

I was an immigrant who came to the country in 1996 and I became a US citizen last year. The cloud represents something that has haunted my entire life until last year. I wanted something to let go of that feeling.

Turning point cloud

Photo provided by David Rodriguez

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