It is official: In-N-Out Burger grabs its first location in Houston

It has long been known that In-N-Out Burger was planning a location in Houston, and now it seems the California-based chain has officially found a location for Houston’s first spot scoring a double double.

Rumormonger of the Houston Architecture Information Forum originally discovered that In-N-Out had purchased land in Briarmeadow, near Westheimer and Dunvale, and now Eater has received a title deed confirming the purchase. Houston-based commercial real estate agent Baker Katz was involved in the transaction.

The story of In-N-Out’s arrival in Houston was a long one. In 2015, the chain made it clear it had no immediate plans to expand into the city, but word came earlier this year that the chain was tracking down locations for Houston’s first In-N-Out. Given the rapid expansion of burger chains into Houston – think Hopdoddy Burger Bar and Shake Shack – it seems a little counter-intuitive that In-N-Out stayed away for so long.

Details currently available suggest In-N-Out doesn’t have a schedule for the opening just yet, but stay tuned – those Animal-style fries aren’t far away.

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