JJ Watt misses Houston’s meals scene very a lot

JJ Watt just can’t let go.

NEW TEAM, SAME NUMBER: Marshall Goldberg’s family gives JJ Watt permission to wear the number 99 in Arizona

On Sunday, Watt randomly tweeted a list of local Houston restaurants that he seems to love and miss since moving to Arizona. You may recognize some of the names.

Kata Robata
Island grill
B & B butcher
Breakfast club
Turkey leg
Bagel bobs
Kenny & Ziggy’s

– JJ Watt (@JJWatt) May 2, 2021

The fans responded with other local spots.

I will add the following:
Corkscrew BBQ
More Vietnamese
Chachos (The one on Westheimer)
Spanish flowers
Taste of Texas
So many good ones, but these are the main ones that haven’t been listed yet.

– Christopher Williams (@cwnutrition) May 2, 2021

Of course, it was about arguing over barbecue grills, as the Houston food discourse usually does.

Killen’s is overrated, Central Texas BBQ is way better.

– Brian Roach (@bwroach) May 2, 2021

Central TX Grill is good, but who has time to drive all day for grill when you are in the H.

– thebearded_ginger (@RYANMIRE) May 2, 2021

Killens ?, Apparently you haven’t tried The Truth Barbecue. It’s over on Heights Boulevard and Washington.

– GG (@ ggarcia713), May 2, 2021

Other than the grill arguments, I would like to praise JJ for its great taste. Kata Robata, its first listed restaurant, is hands down the best sushi I’ve ever had and my favorite place in Houston.

The man clearly likes his fat toro, a wide selection of sake and fresh fish that is delivered daily from Japan. It’s really next-level stuff.

The face of a man who thinks of all the O-Toro he missed.

Bob Levey / Getty Images

I am going to propose to you now, JJ, the humble establishment of Shun. The Montrose sushi spot is a bit like Kata Robata, but with less sticker shock and a relaxed atmosphere. Highly recommend for a change of pace from the typical Japanese suburban tier joints around town.

In any case, I have a lot to do with Watts coming home and having a list of everything he needs to eat before leaving. Such precious things need planning, and putting them on paper (or Twitter) can focus on the real purpose of each “home” trip, which is to eat your face in between fulfilling family and work commitments .

Stay hungry, JJ

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