Native Chiropractic Retains Tape Slicing After Busy First Months – LaGrange Each day Information

It’s been a few months since Lindsey Robinson, LaGrange resident and business owner, opened The Local Chiropractic. A ribbon cut was held on Friday to officially add their business to the LaGrange-Troup County’s Chamber of Commerce.

The tape cutting was originally scheduled for March when business got going, but Robinson put it off until later to get The Local Chiropractic up and running smoothly.

“It was very busy and I just needed time,” said Robinson during The Local Chiropractic’s ribbon cutting ceremony.

Robinson runs the business with another employee, Margie Brown.

The business is self-paying which means no insurance is required. However, Robinson strives to make their services affordable to their customers.

“I try to focus on wellness and keep people out of pain,” said Robinson.

“We compare it to people who change their oil or have their teeth brushed and stay up to date.”

During her childhood, Robinson suffered from migraines that prevented her from doing sports. After seeing a chiropractor, she was able to move on with her life and build her own future as a chiropractor.

After graduating from LaGrange College in 2015, she attended a chiropractic school at Life University in Marietta until 2019. After working as an Associate Chiropractor, she was able to set up her own business and is conveniently located in downtown LaGrange.

“At the end of each week we say it can’t get any better than that,” and then it does, “said Robinson.

The local chiropractic is located at 104 Church Street.

A list of services and prices can be found at

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