Newly revealed examine by Fulcrum Well being exhibits affiliation between the chiropractic therapy method and the price outcomes of treating low again ache

New peer-reviewed studies show that evidence-based chiropractic best practices result in lower patient costs

PLYMOUTH, Minn., February 15, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – A chiropractor’s approach to low back pain (LBP) management makes a measurable difference in how much consumers pay for treatment, according to a new study from Fulcrum Health, Inc. The study, published recently in the journal Chiropractic & Manual Therapies, found that patients whose chiropractor was verified and who were given evidence-based, patient-centric approach to LBP treatment status were on average lower than providers who did not follow such guidelines.

Fulcrum Health completed the study, which was named Best Article of the Quarter of Publication based on a range of quality indicators as well as potential clinical impact, using data from its ChiroCare provider network. The researchers compared the costs of more than 25,600 patients, aged 18 to over 90, who were receiving treatment for a new diagnosis of acute or subacute LBP. They found that treatment by a provider in a clinic certified as a ChiroCare Center of Excellence costs an average of 22% less than treatment in a clinic in the general ChiroCare network.

To be called a ChiroCare Center of Excellence, clinics must meet patient-centered care criteria, such as: B. using an integrated, collaborative approach to deliver positive results; Involvement of patients in decision-making; and coordination with all clinicians in a patient’s care team.

“Back pain is a huge cost to patients and insurers, the valued $ 134.5 billion in health spending each year. But the full impact is likely to be even greater, with 83 million working days lost to back pain every year, “said Patricia Dennis, CEO of Fulcrum Health and co-author of the study. “Even so, there is little use of a conservative, physico-medical approach to influence costs and results. This study shows that evidence-based, proven chiropractic treatment can lead to cost savings and rapid pain relief. “

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This study is important because an improved consumer understanding of the most cost-effective chiropractic approaches to treating LBP can have an impact on overall spending on treating the condition. In general, patients who receive chiropractic treatment first rather than conventional medical treatment for LBP have lower costs. This implies that broader implementation of evidence-based, patient-centered care approaches, such as those pursued by the ChiroCare Centers of Excellence, can enable chiropractors to effectively treat a patient’s condition and appropriately relate them to the correct care when needed.

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