Pueblo West Chiropractor is working for Pueblo D70 Faculty Board

As the father of three children, Dr. Aaron “AJ” Wilson called for greater parental involvement in his application for a seat on Pueblo County’s District 70 Board of Education.

Wilson is from Pueblo West and attended Pueblo D70 schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. After graduating from chiropractic school in Texas, he returned to Pueblo and currently runs his own practice; Complete the Chiropractic Center in Pueblo West.

He is running for the seat of District 1, which also includes the southern Pueblo West.

“I think it’s important that parents can be a part of their children’s education, even through high school and all,” said Wilson. “To be able to volunteer in the classrooms or go into the classroom and help … COVID really changed a lot of that and I think that’s why running is a bigger priority this year as well.”

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Wilson is an opponent of masking requirements and potential vaccination requirements. He said he believed the choice should be left to parents and personal doctors, and not the Pueblo D70 school board or the government.

Wilson said he was also concerned about changes in the curriculum. Comparing his time in the district with the current curriculum, he said that elementary school places less emphasis on history and social studies. In addition, he also sees technology playing a bigger role in the curriculum.

“Right now you have kids who can type, but their handwriting isn’t even legible,” said Wilson. “To me, it is a disservice to the children when I say, ‘Yeah, sure, you can find your way around a computer, but you can’t write a note for someone who can read … as great as the technology is , it’s not perfect. It has its flaws. “

“The other thing about technology is that at this age, you spend a lot of time in technology, it’s also not good for your developing brain. It overstimulates certain areas and doesn’t stimulate other areas of the brain enough. That’s why I tried the screen restrict time for my children. “

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When it comes to budgeting, Wilson said the current Pueblo D70 board needs to be more transparent about where money is allocated. While budget information may be accessible through prior phone calls, Wilson would like this information to be more accessible online.

“I think it would be very helpful if you could go to the District 70 website and see a pie chart on one of their main pages that breaks down, ‘So much money we have …’ I wonder if that is the community would bring in a little differently. “

Wilson said mental health should be a priority for the district as well. He advocates a counselor and a school resource officer in each school.

“Right now there are a lot of places, we don’t have either, and I think those two right there are very valuable resources for the students, both mentally and physically,” said Wilson.

The school council election will take place on November 2nd.

The Pueblo Chieftain reporter, James Bartolo, can be reached by email at JBartolo@gannett.com

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