Rapper 50 Cent has moved to Houston and offers us a glimpse into the brand new crime collection

New York rapper 50 Cent now lives in Houston.

The born Curtis Jackson, rapper and creator of the television program “Power”, announced abruptly on Tuesday that he would leave the concrete jungle for H-Town.

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He tweeted, “I love NY, but I live in Houston now, I’ll explain that later. Green Light Gang. BOOM.”

I love NY, but I live in Houston now, I’ll explain that later. “Green Light Gang?” BOOM? “pic.twitter.com/z6FAkAYwB4

– 50 Cent (@ 50 Cent) May 4, 2021

The photo shows the New York Emcee wearing an Astros ball cap.

The producer also posted screenshots of an article by Deadline on the semi-viral social media post highlighting his latest crime series, Confessions of a Crime Queen.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is the producer of the popular Starz television show “Power”.

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for Starz Entertainment LLC.)

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for Starz Entertain

See, that’s when you should realize that I’m not playing. REGREEN LIGHT GANG 😆 pic.twitter.com/aot05CoaOH

– 50 Cent (@ 50 Cent) May 4, 2021

Deadline’s Denise Petski described the show as a unique anthology series that blends documentary and screenplay drama.

The show, which will air sometime next year, centers on the true story of a Queenpins who started a criminal dynasty before their work became the cause of its destruction.

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In order to realize the new crime drama, the producer of “For Life” has teamed up with the streaming service Discovery +, Goodbye Pictures and Lionsgate.

“As G-Unit Film & Television continues its rapid growth, we must think outside the box and challenge ourselves to tell fun and important stories in new ways,” Jackson said in a statement. “With the support of Discovery +, our friends at Lionsgate TV and in collaboration with top producers Rich Bye and Goodbye Pictures, we have the right team to help us expand the creative framework. I am delighted to welcome Confessions of Add a Crime Queen to G-Unit Film & Television in 2022. “

Although we’re not sure if the surprise train is permanent, the New York-based rapper and television producer has a lot to learn about southern hospitality.

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