Readers select Dr. Chad Tucker once more named “Finest Chiropractor”

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Dr. Tucker loves his job and his patients

The reason Chad Tucker became a chiropractor is really simple. He had a life changing experience – literally.

“I was preparing to study medicine and was referred to a chiropractor by my GP about a neck problem I had. After experiencing it myself and seeing a waiting room full of patients who really enjoyed being in the doctor’s office, I immediately transferred my credits and started (chiropractic) school, ”Tucker said.

The best i have ever done. There is just something about watching patients improve without the use of drugs or surgery. I really love what I do. “

And he has been doing so with great success ever since. Just ask his patients, many of whom were instrumental in bringing him back to the region’s best in the Readers’ Choice Awards. Even though the award has been around for a decade, Tucker still feels special.

“We are truly honored that our patients continue to spread our work in the practice. I feel like they are more like family and we will always try to take care of them as if they were, ”he said.

Treatment of humans and animals

It wasn’t long before Tucker made such a connection. He is in the 11th year of practice and treats all age groups.

“My children were both fitted within 24 hours. to be born. Birth is a tough process for both mother and child, ”he recalls. “On the other hand, we also have several patients who are well over 90.”

Then there are his four-legged patients – yes, you read that right. After all, chiropractic needs are not limited to humans.

“As a certified animal chiropractor, I often see a lot of dogs and cats and occasionally a horse. I’m fortunate to work closely with Willow Brook Animal Hospital, which is next door, ”said Tucker.

Tucker noted that chiropractic treats many conditions, primarily by eliminating disorders of the nervous system.

Treatment for numerous ailments

“As if someone were using a garden hose, but standing on the hose. These plants are not getting the right amount of what they need, ”he said. “My job is to take my foot off the hose and have the body repaired by itself. There are a few occasions when a supplement may be recommended as a significant number of people are deficient in many things. However, that all depends on your individual situation. “

He also stressed that many diseases that people are medicated for can be treated with chiropractic services.

“All the time. My practice has and will always take care of the typical neck and back pain patients. However, since then I have received board certification in neuropathy and have had great success reversing this for diabetics, cancer patients and many others” he said, “The office actually handles a lot of conditions like knee pain, neck and back pain, neuropathy, weight loss, headaches and migraines, we also do body contouring and treat a lot of intestinal health problems. There are really too many to list.”

To evolve

When he’s not helping people with their health problems, Tucker is usually in the process of hanging out with his daughters Lily and Bonnie. They like to spend weekends in the country fishing and four-wheeling, he said.

“It’s great for my children to be able to experience life outside of the city. There are so many things that I learned growing up with the same opportunities, ”he said.

Tucker does not come from a medical family, but his sister is a nurse.

And although he has had a lot of success in his career, like most professionals, he continues to strive for improvement. He said the COVID-19 pandemic had shown that advancement is not an option, it is a must.

“Over the years my practice and the conditions we can now treat have definitely changed, better still evolved. Twenty Twenty showed us that if we are to keep growing, we need to evolve as individuals and business owners, ”he said. “We are currently in the process of re-branding the office to better incorporate all of the things we are now offering.

“We’re going to be Evolve Health and Wellness for the next few months. Same great staff and treatment are kept and I definitely won’t be going anywhere in the near future. I am excited to see what the future holds for our practice and my patients. Here, too, I really appreciate all the people who have taken the time over the years to help our clinic / family to grow in this community. “

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