Shelby Chiropractic Celebrates 30th Anniversary: ​​Neighborhood Invited to Open Home Occasion on September 17th | information

When Dr. Alan and Colleen Bridge first opened the door to Shelby Chiropractic 30 years ago in September 1991, they were new to town and, well, really didn’t know anyone and weren’t sure if anyone would walk through the door at all . They were pleasantly surprised when Allan Gage came in 30 minutes later to make an appointment.

“We opened our office without knowing a soul and wondered if anyone would want us to take care of them,” Colleen said. “It was less than 30 minutes later when Allan Gage came through the door to make an appointment. I think we locked the door behind him at this point. “

The door to Shelby Chiropractic is now open and Dr. Bridge and its staff have served Shelby and the surrounding area for 30 years. You will celebrate this milestone with patients, friends and family on Friday, September 17, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

“Please come by and say ‘hello’ as we celebrate our 30th anniversary,” said Colleen.

The office has seen some changes in terms of staff, office space, patients and services offered over the past 30 years. When the Bridges started, their office neighbor was “Ed the Barber”. After Ed retired, they took his place and expanded their office. The expansion allowed them to add more therapies, innovative therapies that have enabled them to help treat more difficult conditions.

“We added a Class IV laser and then added decompression to the spine,” said Colleen. “We have just received our Storz shock wave machine, which we will be happy to use.”

Dr. Bridge said he has also been blessed with some great staff over the years, most notably office manager Susan Smith who has kept it running smoothly for over 19 years.

“Your commitment to Shelby Chiropractic has been invaluable,” said Dr. Bridge. “She is like a stone. I often have patients who want to talk to me about Susan’s great work and I think they want to know if I’m lucky. “

Dr. Indeed, Bridge knows how lucky he is, not only that he has Susan, but also how his patient base has grown over time. The office has always cared for patients from the surrounding counties, but there are more and more people who have traveled from further afield as word of mouth has drawn people from the surrounding areas to the practice. Business is going well and Dr. Bridge and Colleen have no plans to retire anytime soon.

“I’m being asked when I’m going to retire,” smiled Dr. Bridge. “I think it’s very different when you have your own company and enjoy what you do. Our office is open Monday through Thursday so we can enjoy long weekends and come back on Monday mornings refreshed and ready for our patients. I enjoy practicing as much as ever. “

This is good news for the many patients in the vast area that Dr. Bridge supplies. He and his co-workers have become trusted members in the lives of many, and more than just patients, patients have become friends.

“We have been so supported by the good people of northern Montana,” concluded Dr. Bridge. “We raised our four children here and love calling Shelby and Montana our home. We regard our patients as our friends and look forward to looking after you all in the future. “

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