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SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – Imagine you are in so much pain that you are being prevented from doing something you love. That was the case with a man from Sioux Falls.

For Wayne Silkenson, cars are his hobby.

Restoring cars is something he’s been doing for years.

“The first thing I did was in the 90s, it was a Ford panel, and I did several different ones,” said the patient, car owner Wayne Silkenson.

But a few years ago he got back pain.

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“I wasn’t able to bend over a hood to plug into vehicles, let alone crawl in and out and up and down a lot, one morning I got up and just knew it was going to work bad day and I wouldn’t be able to be mobile, ”said Wilkenson.

So he turned to Chiropractic with the highest of health.

“We went through a thorough analysis process to see exactly what was going on with his spine and then developed a specific care recommendation for him,” said Doctor, Owner Highest Health Chiropractic, Nate DeJong.

“He had me pain-free in six months and the neighborhood is good,” said Silkenson.

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This meant that he was able to restore this 1936 Dodge D2.

“I felt so good I thought you know I’ll roll it out of memory and start making connections and see how I can work with people to put it together,” Silkenson said.

With the help of friends and a body shop, Wayne says it took about two and a half years to get the car to look like this.

“I’ve always wanted a pre-war era since I was in third grade, and I’ve never built one, so this dream has finally come true,” said Silkenson.

Silkenson says he still comes to Doctor DeJong about every two weeks or when necessary. Silkenson says he plans to continue restoring cars in the future.

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