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TULSA, Oklahoma., June 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In addition to healing spinal injuries from work, sports, or automobile accidents, frequent chiropractic care can also help with regular wear and tear on the body.

“Consistent chiropractic adjustments keep your musculoskeletal system and every other system in your body at a higher level so you can thrive,” said Dr. Lance Hoose of the chiropractic wellness center in Tulsa.

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Patients with frequent musculoskeletal disorders such as headaches and migraines as well as wrist, ankle and foot problems can benefit from the sensible care and recovery provided by Dr. Hoose and its employees benefit.

“What I’ve found for headaches and migraines in more than two decades is that 90 percent results from a misalignment within the upper two vertebrae,” said Dr. Hoose. “As soon as I start putting these areas back in place, the headaches and migraines start to go away. Whether the patients visit me with an outbreak or have suffered, they will feel better when they leave.”

Another common problem that can be addressed with proper chiropractic treatment is carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that causes pain, tingling, and numbness in the hand. Inflammation from the deformity creates pressure and causes pain, decrease in strength, and nerve problems.

“As soon as we start aligning the carpal bones, the pressure is released from the area. In this case, I adjust the neck, elbow and wrist to make sure the nerve is free of impingement, ”said Dr. Hoose.

Another condition he sees patients for is fibromyalgia, which manifests as muscle pain throughout the body due to an overactive nervous system.

“With this disease, the system doesn’t know when to switch off. I balance the body to find out the underlying cause. This calms the nervous system so that the body feels normal again and can function properly. “

In addition, many people suffer from plantar fasciitis, in which the connective tissue that supports the arch of the foot leads to inflammation-related pain in the heel and sole of the foot.

This condition often begins with a mild sprain or strain on the foot or ankle caused by overuse of the foot from running, walking, or wearing the wrong shoes. “Once you start making adjustments to reconfigure the connection between the foot and the leg, it will cause the irritation to decrease or go away.”

After making adjustments in his practice, Dr. Hoose with the patients to integrate simple rehab movements at home into their everyday life that are pain-relieving, such as breaks to walk around the house or get up while talking on the phone.

“It is important that patients play an active role in their chiropractic care,” he said. “If we try to achieve goals, they will be met faster if we do the work at home.”

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