Space Chiropractor Recertified in Cox Method | Neighborhood information

Santoro Chiropractic Announces That Dr. Jeannie Santoro was recently recertified in the Cox Technique System of Spinal Pain Relief Management.

According to a press release, Santoro understands the importance of keeping up to date with the latest information and research on their chosen approach to treatment for back pain relief.

Dr. Santoro offers the evidence-based Cox-Technik system of non-surgical chiropractic protocols for the relief of spinal pain due to herniated discs, stenosis and related conditions that affect the neck, upper back, shoulder, crossbow / mid back, lower back and leg pain.

The Cox Flexion Distraction protocols have been reviewed in government funded research projects.

Biomechanical flexion-distraction effects have been documented, showing a decrease in intradiscal pressure, an increase in spinal canal area and disc height. Clinical results have been published showing superiority in pain relief from radiculopathy, better relief from chronic low back pain, and more effective reduction in the need for medical visits for spinal pain in the year after treatment, the statement said.

Santoro proudly offers this non-surgical solution for spinal pain relief in Indiana.

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