The chiropractor Dr. Mark Mulak of Windfall RI now gives Dry Needling at CitySide Chiropractic

(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Providence, Rhode Island, August 10, 2021 ( – Dr. Mark Mulak, a Providence RI Chiropractor at CitySide Chiropractic, with offices in Providence RI and Cranston RI, is undergoing specialty training and is now providing dry needles to his patients. Dry needling is a valuable part of an individual treatment plan for people with neck, back and sports injuries. Virtually everyone can relate to the feeling of muscle stiffness, aches and pains. Sores on pressure or “knots” within the muscles often cause pain that affects the individual’s ability to function. Medically, these “nodes” are called myofascial trigger points. Dry needling is a safe, research-based treatment approach that uses a tiny needle to relieve pain in these points, restore function, and help people return to normal activities.

CitySide Chiropractic, an Injury Ambulance, mainly treats patients with musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. With science backing this highly effective treatment, the integration of dry needling made perfect sense for this Rhode Island chiropractor. With board certifications in chiropractic sports medicine and chiropractic rehabilitation, Dr. Mark Mulak does dry needling regularly to support his patients on their way to recovery.

Most patients find dry needling extremely beneficial, especially when combined with regular chiropractic treatment offered at CitySide Chiropractic in Providence RI. Dr. Mark Mulak is proud to offer his patients this advanced treatment technique that will help patients repair their injuries efficiently and effectively.

To learn more about dry needling and chiropractic from Dr. To find out about Mark Mulak, please call (401) 272-5710. CitySide Chiropractic proudly serves Rhode Island residents in the Providence RI, Cranston RI, Warwick RI, Pawtucket RI, Johnston RI and surrounding areas.

Note to editors: Dr. Mark Mulak, DC is available as an expert source on chiropractic care. Please call him at (401) 272-5710.

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