The Delaware County chiropractor was delivered to justice after girls alleged assaults in his workplace

A Springfield chiropractor is on trial in Delaware County Court for assaulting seven women who went to see him for treatment.

Ardel Cirio, 61, is charged with seven indecent assaults and one serious indecent assault. Prosecutors say he has petted and petted the women in his Newtown Square office in various places over the past two years.

In a nearly four-hour trial Wednesday, the seven women described chiropractic sessions with Cirio who they said were paralyzed with fear as he groped her breasts and, in one case, digitally entered a woman’s vagina.

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One woman said she felt “frozen on the table” during an alleged attack. She did not report it immediately, she said, because she had been a patient of his for three years and trusted him.

“I didn’t want to believe what I was feeling,” said the woman. “I knew something was wrong and I didn’t want it to be true because I considered him and his wife to be my friends.”

Other long-time patients said Cirio always made chiropractic adjustments to their clothes but suddenly started reaching under their clothes or asked them to completely remove them in sessions that quickly became bothersome when they said he felt them and kissed or licked her breasts.

In March, two women reported the attacks to Newtown Township police and Cirio was arrested. After the charges were published, five other women came forward about similar attacks just last month.

In court on Wednesday, Cirio’s attorney Arthur Donato urged district judge Leon Hunter to dismiss the case. Cirio’s behavior is not sexual and is part of the normal course of chiropractic care.

Donato said there was “no evidence he tried to have sex with these women or anything sexual”.

Assistant District Attorney Kristin Kemp disagreed, saying that Cirio’s actions were invasive and far from normal for a chiropractor.

“We’re not talking about someone going to a gynecologist or a breast exam,” Kemp said. “A chiropractor did not imply consent to touch these victims in any way they choose.”

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