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Minnesota AG tells “60 Minutes”: We had no evidence that George Floyd’s murder was a hate crime

Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison told 60 Minutes that prosecutors did not accuse Derek Chauvin of a hate crime: the former Minneapolis police officer was convicted last Tuesday of murder and manslaughter on George Floyd’s charges – one of the charges few who have ever been charged with the murder of a black person. Stay up to date with the latest market trends and economic insights with Axios Markets. What They Say: CBS’s Scott Pelley remarked to Ellison in an interview broadcast on Sunday that prosecutors may have accused him of a hate crime under Minnesota law and that “the whole world sees this as a white officer who is a black man kills man for being black. “But Ellison said without evidence of explicit bias, prosecutors could not prosecute hate crimes. “In our society there is a social norm that killing certain types of people is more tolerable than other types of people,” said Ellison. It is not necessary that Derek Chauvin had any particular racist intent in harming George Floyd. “The fact is we know that through housing patterns, through employment, through wealth, through a whole host of other things – so often people of skin color, blacks, end up with harsh treatment from law enforcement. And other people who do exactly the same thing do, just don’t do it. ”Noteworthy: Chauvin is due to be sentenced on June 16. Pelley asked Ellison what kind of message he would send if Chauvin were given the maximum sentence of 40 years. “It is important that the judgment not be easy or difficult,” replied Ellison. “The verdict should be tailored to the offense and Be tailored to the circumstances of the case … the state never wanted revenge on Derek Chauvin. We just wanted accountability. “EllisonScott Pelley: Do you think we ever knew the truth? [about George Floyd’s murder] without the video? Keith Ellison: I have real doubts we would ever do it. – 60 minutes (@ 60 minutes) April 25, 2021 Go deeper: Minnesota AG says it isn’t “convinced we’d win,” the article has been continuously updated with new details. Do you like this article? Get more from Axios and subscribe to Axios Markets for free.

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