The Houston Gospel Choir is shifting from the Harvey Shelter to the Tonight Present

A ray of hope in the devastating storm last week was a video that emerged from the Lone Star Exposition Center shelter in Conroe. Amid the shocked evacuees, Victoria White and a small circle of singers from the Under Over Fellowship, along with Pastor Marquist Taylor, offered heartfelt worship through song. Videos of the performance quickly went viral, generating hundreds of thousands of views.

Now, White, Taylor and their Houston gospel choir brought their good news to the Tonight Show and performed a gospel version of “Lean on Me” to mark host Jimmy Fallon’s announcement that the show will donate $ 1 million to JJ Watt’s Harvey Relief Fund would bring home.

“Here’s a song dedicated to all of the heroes in Houston who went out of their way to help,” Fallon said, introducing the song. Unsurprisingly, the result offers comfort and elevation to many Houstonians. Check it out below.

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