Two former sufferers declare they have been sexually molested by a Lafayette chiropractor

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – We observed a controversy that erupted on the Facebook page of a local chiropractic office.

Our investigation originally found that this local chiropractor, Dr. James Pucka, got great reviews from a general Google search.

However, on the public Facebook page of his office, we discovered that Dr. Pucka has been the subject of complaints of alleged inappropriate comments allegedly made to patients in numerous posts from people claiming to be his client.

Several of his former patients said they had filed complaints accusing him of sexual harassment under his care.

As we reported on Monday The Indiana Attorney General has filed a complaint with the Indiana State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

News 18 sat down with two of his former patients.

We warn that these allegations are pretty graphic and can be offensive and disruptive to viewers.

“I noticed everyone else was outside,” said Rachel Prine, a former patient of Dr. Pucka. Made rays and there he started posting inappropriate comments after inappropriate comments. “

Prine said she went to The Spine Worx in Lafayette on March 10 in hopes of getting help with a sore throat, but the 32-year-old said her experience with Dr. James Pucka made her never want to return.

“He asked what happened to my neck and I said I wasn’t sure, but I thought I slept wrong or I just pulled a muscle or something,” Prine told Not a group of people who would say something else? ‘”

She said the inappropriate comments didn’t stop there.

“He’s made at least five or six different comments about how to get undressed,” she said.

Prine said the alleged harassment continued after he took an X-ray.

“He said, ‘Okay, right here under your breasts,’ and he called them ‘breasts’,” said Prine. “He said, ‘Which is very beautiful, I could add’.”

She then said Pucka allegedly went a step further.

“He pointed up and touched the screen where my nipples should be,” Prine explained.

Prine said that in order to show her treatment for her neck problem, he allegedly drew a picture of a woman in bondage.

“He said, ‘The problem is it has to take a full 12 minutes or your neck won’t correct itself,” said Prine. Come back and see me and I can hold out for 12 minutes. “

She said Pucka started talking about her husband’s involvement in her treatment.

“He made a comment about having to get on my knees more often to get my ‘boy toy’, my husband, and I wouldn’t have that problem if I just let him pull my hair,” added Prine.

After her departure, Prine was so offended that she published her experience on her personal Facebook page.

“As soon as I posted the post, I mean, within five minutes, women sent me a message saying they had very similar experiences,” said Prine.

33-year-old Leslie Glossic was one of them.

“He took me to a private room and said it was because he didn’t want everyone to stare at my ‘t ** s’,” said Glossic.

She said her experience was similar to Prine’s.

“As soon as we got into the room, he said I could take off all of my clothes,” explained Glossic. “I said no’.”

Glossic said even though she said she told Pucka that she didn’t find his comments entertaining, he continued.

“He kept making sexual cues, sexual innuendos, talking about his own sex life, things with his wife, relating to his penis and things like that,” added Glossic.

Glossic said Pucka’s jokes didn’t make her feel like she was in a doctor’s office.

“It really made me uncomfortable. In any other scenario, I would have thought this man was trying to sleep with me.”

Despite multiple positive reviews on The Spine Worx’s Facebook page, there have been numerous negative posts and several women have reached out to News 18 with similar stories.

Prine and Glossic have filed complaints with the Lafayette Police Department and the Indiana Attorney General. Tippecanoe County attorney says the investigation has stopped and there are no criminal charges against Dr. Pucka is raised.

However, the Indiana Attorney General has requested an emergency hearing. There is a possible 90-day suspension of Pucka’s license before his case is heard by the Indiana Board of Chiropractic Examiners on July 8th.

Former employee April Robertson allegedly reported the harassment while working for Dr. Saw Pucka.

“I feel like an employee, I should validate these women and their stories,” said Robertson. “It’s true. It happens. It’s not okay. There are tons of women. They are just too scared.”

Glossic and Prine said the experience was emotionally traumatic.

“What he’s done to so many women, like he’s done this, is harmful, and I still haven’t addressed my own problem because I just don’t feel well,” said Glossic.

“He’s a doctor. I went to see him to have something corrected so I wouldn’t be harassed all the time,” said Prine.

News 18 has made several attempts to get Dr. James Pucka and he tried to call us back once.

However, he hasn’t responded to multiple calls, including a visit to his office where News 18 told Samantha Thieke he was dating patients.

When we hit the news 18 on Wednesday at 5 and 6 p.m. we hear from a former employee, April Robertson, and her husband, who allegedly saw Dr. Pucka behaved inappropriately.

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