Virus an infection charges rise, UK pressure recognized in Houston | information

There are now 292 active cases of COVID-19 in Wharton County. The news comes as yet another wave of positive test results that dwarfs recovery.

Emergency management officials report that 119 Wharton County residents tested positive in Friday’s situation report.

“This includes three days of activity,” said Debbie Cenko, assistant emergency management coordinator.

63 recoveries were recorded during the same period.

Wharton has 111 active cases, of which 110 in El Campo, 32 in East Bernard, 10 in Boling, nine in Louise, eight in Hungerford, six in Egypt, two in Lissie and one case each in Danevang, Glen Flora, and Lane City Pierce were reported.

The number of COVID patients in hospitals and clinics is also increasing, and the number of infections is increasing across the county and around the world shortly after Christmas and New Years.

“We see between 18 and 20 potential or symptomatic patients in the emergency room every day,” said Irma Rocha, senior administrative assistant at El Campo Memorial Hospital.

The average positive COVID-19 hospital census has increased to 12-15 daily.

The first Texas case of the UK variant of COVID-19 was identified Thursday in Harris County, a man with no travel history.

“The fact that this person did not have a travel history suggests that this variant is already circulating in Texas,” said Dr. John Hellerstedt, Commissioner for the Department of Health. “Genetic variation is the norm among viruses, and it’s not surprising that it got here, considering how quickly it spreads. This should get us all to redouble our commitment to the infection prevention methods we know: masks for when you’re around people you don’t live with, social distancing, and personal and environmental hygiene. “

First identified in the UK in the fall, the variant appears to spread much more easily from person to person than most coronavirus strains, although it does not appear to be causing any more severe cases.

Vaccines are expected to be effective against this.

“There’s an old saying: ‘Better to be safe than embarrassed. “I think the governor is doing his best to protect as many people as possible without shutting down the Texan economy,” said Chris Barbee, Mayor of El Campo. “I know that some rules are strict for certain industries like our bars and restaurants. I hate that. I regret many will not survive. But as mayor, I support the governor’s efforts. We just can’t watch and do nothing. My main advice is to use common sense; Wear masks and social distancing as often as possible, and keep washing and disinfecting those hands. “

There are 67 confirmed COVID-19 deaths listed in Wharton County. 35 of the deceased lived in the El Campo area, 25 in the Wharton area, four in East Bernard and three in Boling.

The DSHS report lists 75 people with Wharton County addresses as having died from the virus, but does not break the report down by community. Nationwide, the death toll was expected to exceed 29,000 at the time of reading.

The OEM can now confirm 2,690 COVID-19 cases in Wharton County, which is roughly 6.5 percent of the population and far exceeds the original infection estimates of 2 percent. Actual COVID numbers may be higher as early cases, especially mild ones, may not have received testing or medical help.

The next nationwide tests are scheduled for Tuesday, January 12th, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Wharton Civic Center, 1924 N. Fulton, Wharton. The test is free, but you have to register at https: //secure.dentrustoc/docs/tdemscreening in advance.

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